A step closer to superior medical intervention with Tattvan App

Through Tattvan, you can get an additional 10 per cent discount from the hospital.

By Nikita Sharma

Express News Service

With COVID-19 being given preference over consultation for other illnesses, the e-clinic Tattvan has launched a free consultation initiative. “You can download the Tattvan App and consult doctors online for free during the lockdown. The app has in-built health trackers to monitor blood pressure, blood sugar and other body vitals. It keeps an electronic record of your medical history, which the doctor can easily access to provide you with the best medical opinion,” said Tattvan Founder Ayush Mishra, 32.

Founded in 2018, Tattvan has set up telemedicine healthcare clinics in villages, so the people here can avail of a second opinion and treatment from doctors and specialists at top hospitals like Medanta, Fortis and Artemis in Delhi and Mumbai. “The first one was set up in my hometown Bareilly in 2018. Instead of going from one hospital to another, people can come to our centre, where our representatives will connect you to the experts for second opinion. But, we are not a replacement for hospitals, and don’t encourage patients that need emergency care. We are more of a screening centre,” said Mishra.  Ayush Mishra, Founder of TattvanThrough Tattvan, you can get an additional 10 per cent discount from the hospital. “We charge an OPD fee, but the doctor’s fee is low. For instance, if a doctor’s fee is `1,500-Rs 2,000, patient will only have to pay `600. Through our telemedicine kit, we can conduct over 40 tests at any centre.During the teleconference, a nurse is always present to facilitate the diagnosis. If she keeps a stethoscope on the chest of the patient, doctor can hear the oscillations,” explained Mishra. 

It was a life-threatening accident that motivated Mishra to start Tattvan. “In 2007, I had met with an accident in Jaipur and lost a leg. My parents brought me to a government hospital in my hometown. Mine was a severe case, so they referred me to Delhi. My parents went through a lot of trauma. They were not sure about where to take me. Luckily, a relative had just joined Apollo Hospital as an intern, and he connected my father with a surgeon on a call. We got the right guidance.”

In 2008, when Germany was implementing telemedicine on a large scale, Mishra was there. “I was so impressed by it started my own consultancy firm followed by Tattvan.” Within two years, Tattvan has provided services to 5,000 people. Their Smart Clinic programme helps doctors in the villages to convert their clinic into a smart clinic.

In a nutshell In 2018, Tattvan set up telemedicine healthcare clinics in villages, so people can avail of a second opinion and treatment from top hospitals like Medanta, Fortis and Artemis.

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