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Hospital Employees

Tattvan Praathmik

India’s First Of Its Kind Hospital Growth Program For Regional Hospitals

Easiest and most affordable way to grow your hospital and its doctors 

Customized Growth Program For Hospitals

Tattvan's hospital growth solutions is a group of services aimed at strategic expansion and targeted growth enabling hospitals to increase their patients outcomes.

We do this by leveraging Tattvan's vast network of branded franchise telemedicine centres across India. With many hospitals operating at less than capacity, it's essential to develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

Tattvan's Hospital Growth Solution helps you not only strategize your growth plan but it also enables for better patient engagement, technological advancement, brand-building and much more....

Want to learn more about how can we help your hospital in expanding to nearby locations? 

Call us at +91 84466 55453 /+91 91401 36961

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